Manifesting With Gratitude: The Secret Formula.

The thought of gratitude, when expressed pertains to an event that has already happened. For example, when someone opens a door for you, you say “Thank You.” or even when we survive a traumatic experience, gratitude is expressed because we made it through. There are seldom times we express gratitude in the present or future tenses. And that is the key to manifesting with the energy of gratitude. 

Gratitude is energy. It is the energy used to express our thanks, giving an offering to the universal energies. When gratitude, or “thanks” is given the Universe hears and feels this heartfelt the energy and then yields to give us more of what we are expressing.  This is when the Spiritual Law, The Law of Vibration, commonly known as The Law of Attraction comes into play.  The Law of Vibration states: “Nothing rest, everything moves, everything vibrates. This law tells us that the whole universe is but a vibration, operating at different frequencies and movements, and yes, even you are pure energy vibrating at a different frequency. Your thoughts, emotions are all vibrational energy the universe is responding to. 

This is the formula I teach in my seminars, from the stage while speaking and even one on one clients; Thoughts+Emotions+Words=Manifestation. Here is the breakdown of how it works:

Thoughts: We have thousands of thoughts per day, but only bring our attention to the ones we focus on, the daily tasks, future goals, planning, the distraction of thought connection. Every thought we have is a neutral thought. The thought only becomes labeled when we connect it to a previous experience or one we witnessed. It is important to think about “what and why” we want what we want and leave the “how” to the universe. Our job in step one is to focus on the thought we want. This can be done through meditation.

Emotions: Once we have focused our attention on the netural thought, we then can begin to focus on how the thought makes us feel. Do you feel joy, good, bad, icky, angry, despair, hopefully? Unconditional Love is the highest and most subtle emotion, while Hate is the lowest and most dense of all emotions on the emotional scale. If the thought invokes a bad feeling or lower vibrating energy, then change the thought until you feel good. In this meditative process, you have 17 seconds to change your thought before it takes hold and the Universe hears this undesirable desire. It is important to feel good about what you are thinking. Emotions are the fuel for the thoughts. Our job in step two is to feel good about what we are thinking about. 

Words: Once you have the thought that makes you feel good, write it down or speak it aloud or to yourself if you are in a crowded setting. Taking this action is sealing the deal. When you write or speak this energy, do it as an affirmation. An affirmation is when you begin a sentence with “I AM”, those words are the most powerful words spoken as they make a declaration of who you are and what you want. The universal energy has no choice but to yield to you, it is law. Affirmation example ” I AM living my best life now.”, this can be said in repetition. Our job in step three is to harness the power of our feeling good into words, a powerful affirmation.

Manifestation: Once you have meditated on your thought, feel good about what you are thinking, and created a powerful affirmation, you have set the manifestation wheels in motion. The true power of this is when we take that energy hold for 17 seconds. Then another more powerful thought may come in and if it does not feel good, go back to the first thought. Stay focused on your affirmation and this elevates the energy. The desired manifestation will not happen overnight, it may take a few weeks, months, or years. The key is coming into vibrational alignment with the energy of the thought/affirmation. How does the power of alignment feel? It feels like you are supercharged with a new flow of energy. It is a little difficult to describe until you feel it. To amplify the process more, say “Thank You” to the universe as if it has already happened. Our job is to let go of “How” our desires will show up, and leave it to the universe to deliver the goods. 

The overall manifestation process described, is set in present or future tense energy because all is happening now as the universe is responding to your vibration. Once you become master of your thoughts, you will step into true thought power. 

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