Love – Excerpt from Awaken With Gratitude


Be thankful this day for love.

Love is a simple, yet the strongest emotion of the all. It’s the lesser of the other emotions that complicates love. The range of other emotions, such as fear, sadness, jealousy, lust, anger, happiness, relaxation, complacency and other like feelings are conditions of being. All of the lesser emotions are temporary, no one can be angry at you forever and so forth, yet you can love forever. Love has proven to transcend time. Love is a constant, which includes many types and levels. Most of the time love can and does go unnoticed, unless the emotion is uniformly strong. By this I mean if all the right conditions are there, such as utilizing a gift, have a mutual affection, having a moment of joy or accomplishment, or simple discovery of self or the world. This sensation carries a person through the multiple levels of love, which can be easily mistaken for other feelings. Happiness, joy, peace, elatedness, freedom, are conditions of being, yet the beginning of love. Not saying that other emotions are not valid, they too help us find ourselves and love in us and what we do

Love itself is life energy. Love aides us in our daily lives. It helps us to wake up every morning. Love is a reason or finding a reason to be who we are, our true self. Love sees us through many difficult situations. Without love there wouldn’t be life and life is energy.

Be thankful this day and everyday for transcendent energy of love.
Be thankful for this day and everyday for synchronicity of life love and energy, one can not survive without the other.



Simplicity the intricacy of life coupled by emotions searching for a purpose for the passion connected to our soul
Our ancestry lived simply
A caveman’s mystery redefined with time
Evolution a destiny that could not be avoided
The inevitable inaccurate truths plague our society leaving one simple question
How simple is it really
Led out to sea the blasphemous world created and all hated at one point or another
Living easier said than done
Fire the gun loaded with
Trust only yourself
Now take aim to gain goals your soul told
Drifting along living beneath your means keen senses
Point yourself in the right direction like a compass be careful not to drop it or your way is lost now the cost is priceless
Remember it’s more than just your life
Simply said soulfully silver tongued tied untangled truthfully unique pique provoked thoughts by simply plating seeds received by the children of the earth
Simplicity is in thee nurtured naturally
Life is only as complex as you allow it to be



Excerpt from Thank You Thursday, Vol. 1