Living In Love

Hillis_Pugh_living_in_loveBe thankful this day for Living In Love.

What does Living In Love mean? A really good question, right? Through recent observations and listening, one thing kept coming through, “No One Is Alone”. As I listened to various messages there was one common theme, “I felt alone and I wanted to make sure no one else felt as I did.” This resonated with me big time. When we experience change in our life, we feel alone, as no one can understand us. This is why I started writing, I wanted to let others know it was okay to feel, it was okay to know there is someone else feeling what you feel, and it was okay to know someone else is having your thoughts. It is okay to know and feel we are one, one with God Source. To live in love is to know we are all having, thinking, and feeling the same experience. We are all in universal committed relationship.

The relationship we have universally agreed to is unfamiliar to the symbiotic human host, until explained. How do we explain this? It is our job, soul to speak with newly created host before entering it to explain this cycle purpose and process. Our host’s body job is to make sure we enter and exit the physical world to co-create the experience we chose. This body is an entity all itself, it functions as our soul does, in unison with a trillion other cells, mini entities, each with an understanding of its role of being I Am enough.

We live because the body lives. This body functions like a soul of its own. Our host, this body knows only what we tell it, yet independently functions well until our tinkering and beliefs get in the way of how it functions. Example, if we tell our brain a thought it listens. The brain only listens to the thoughts we discover, pay attention too, the ones resonating to our soul through demonstration making it a belief. These new found beliefs slowly become integrated to our “Core Values”. We get so stuck in the newly discovered thoughts and how we feel to a point where they become a way of collective life; meaning each soul mimics what each sees becoming a streaming thought throughout every soul. These new thoughts, ideas, or patterns can come from family or friends. The conception of the thought was long ago only to be transmuted to be Now. Remember, a thought is only as big as you allow it to be. The core values for some are a way of life, others it could mean a “soul washing” (meaning we completely forget who we are as a soul, not remembering the reason why we agreed to come Here, Earth.) There are key moments in each Soul’s life to remember who we are and what we are here for. Over a period of time, these values may change to suite our experience of gradual awakening.

The awaking or remembering process is one of great love. To remember our soul is to love who we are and accept self where we are. What are we remembering? We are remembering our Soul, our True Self, our Source Self. Remembering is loving act. It is a feeling of being bathed in sunlight, with a gentle summer breeze hugging the body, it is feeling light. How do we remember? We have made agreements with our self and other souls to help us remember who we are. The people can be family friends, spouses, and even divine strangers. The ah ha’s, deja vu’s, and any other epiphanies has played out the way you conspired it too, even though there have been moments where the appearance shown otherwise. It is up to the Soul to understand the transpiration of key events of Now. During the process of the events playing out, how do we accept our self? There are Now moments where we question our worth; Are we good enough?” It is the beliefs we developed early on and allow to create such an illusion of a world filled with lack and unworthiness to a point where it became institution. This institution gave us an outline, a guide to feeling better. Yet, how does an institution make you feel more accepting of self, feel worthy of self if it’s holding you in a place, in a state of constriction? How do you remember Self when stifled? You cannot. There is no energy flowing to lift your Soul to the Divine Right you deserve.

The Divine Right we all deserve is love. Everyone has tried to describe love and its many levels and aspects on a physical level, yet words are never enough. Love is a vibration resonating with every physical and nonphysical entity in existence. Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Appreciation are different vibrations of Love. We vibrate love constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. Depending on the level in which we vibrate allows more awareness into our experience. The lower the vibration, the slower the resonation, and the less aware we are in our experience. The higher the vibration, the faster the resonation, and the more aware we are in our experience. The vibration is one of fluctuation. This fluctuation stays fixed in this momentum until we allow higher states of love to keep flowing. How you may ask so we keep allowing higher states of vibration flowing to us? This experience is one I am becoming more aware of. I am learning to allow higher vibrations to flow by releasing of what no longer serves me and being more aware of love and compassion flowing out of me, genuinely. These means taking Now moments to be present (pre-sent). Seeing the moments sent to us, the moments and opportunities we have asked for Now. Asking, what is this moment for, what am I learn or remember by observing or taking action? Sometimes the action taken is to observe other species/life, and see their life with their eyes, express compassion. Everyone, everything, animate, inanimate, has life, energy flowing through it. We ALL deserve love.

How is unconditional love expressed and experienced? Know, feel, comprehend, God’s love is infinitely expressed through others, even when you feel it has not conspired in the manner you desired. Remember all has worked in your favor regardless of the appearance. Knowing the intentions of those giving the love, is to share the love, be love, is expressed love. When our Soul truly expresses itself, it is a form of unconditional love. It matters not how it is expressed, it is love, it matters not on what vibrational frequency, it is love, no matter what object, it is love. Our pets, plants, gadgets, appliances, food, all has love. We offer our love to them and they return it, yet if they are mistreated, they checkout. Through appreciation of what we have through asking, our vibration rises. Then we become more in alignment of what we want and receive more of it. We then are a match for what we want and can transfer the same love to others and areas in our life.

Love is an energy that is transferable. Like electricity, it is an energy transferred to power our homes and gadgets. The energy used to power our environment is converted to suite our environmental desires. The love received from God is a natural, abundant energy encapsulating us. Throughout our existence this is all we know and feel, is love. Yet we allow our symbiotic experience to have amnesia, to forget where we come from. Then we go in search for what we truly want, love. We look in every place possible, outward and inward. The path we choose to search and intake information is of our choosing, but once we reach the place of love, it is rewarding. Along this path we are able to transfer our energy to others. This transfer allows for a connection to other Souls. Souls are connected to love, an inexhaustible source fueling us.

Be thankful this day and everyday for having souls around us knowing we are not alone.
Be thankful this day and everyday for remembering what love feels like.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love to fuel our Souls daily.

Love Line 

The path of unknowing the known
This is what’s chosen by self with Divinity

One exhale of creation
One inhale of synchronicitySurrendering to the magic of the universe
The magic of universal love
Feeling the embrace of light covering the vessel containing the like
Emerging as oneUnified being I beseech you
Asking for guidance of awakening to love to trust love to love self to trust selfTaking steps forward
Moving slowly only to accelerate the process
Exposing the true light being
All creation in birthed and giving meaning with awakened evolutionA vibration
A frequency chosen to operate at optimum levels
Only listening to the Source
The Source of love
The Source of life
Alternating my frequency to match the alignment of One Notice the subtle shift
Feeling the Divine
Feeling the Oneness
I now know the unknown
I now trust self

I now love as one