Innate Being

Spiritual_Gate_by_bureau22Today look inside to feel the Innate Being you are.

This has been a topic I have been feeling into for a while. As I look around the Universe, there are messages showing up around me and this is a subject we all are feeling too. What does it mean to be an Innate Being? To be Innate is to Know, to Feel the Universe responding to us, and providing us the answers we desire. To be an Innate Being is to tap in to Source Energy to receive the impression of light giving off by self, others, and non-physical entities. To be an Innate Being is to know when to trust yourself, the feelings, and voices coming to you. To be an Innate Being is to be all these things. How do you know if you are an Innate Being?


Dear ones, we are already an Innate Being. Throughout our physical human existence, we have been conditioned to not to trust self or to listen. We have been taught and shown to look outside of self for all the answers. We have been taught fear through creating a series of expectations and let downs from looking outside. Our dependency of looking outward has left us in a position to be vulnerable. Vulnerable to doubt, lack, and emotional pits causing us to live in a holding place until we make the choice to awaken.

When we make the choice to awaken, we awaken to remembering who we really are. Who we really are is an Innate Being, a part of Source. The process of awaking or remembering who we are is of a series of tasks we chose. These tasks are our life events, something of significance to self. When someone or something enters in our life, just at the precise moment. That is us calling out to the Universe, and the Universe responding to our call. This is our innate ability to create a miracle. A miracle is being in vibrational alignment with our calling, purpose, desire, or whatever name you have the “unexplained”. Once our miracle has manifested, we grow in confidence and continue to choose the path to remember and connect to Source.

What we fail to remember Dear Ones, we are already connected to Source. Some of us may feel the connection stronger than others, because they remembered how to connect. They can connect through various ways that are comfortable to them. It can be through prayer, meditation, or even exercise. From the moment of our incarnation on the planet, we are connected. We choose to feel connected or not. It’s this choice that either cut us off or increase our flow to create miracles, a life with ease. Yet, we already know what we know. We can choose to ignore or accept the connection we have already established with Source.

Our connection with Source is innate, because we are a part of Source and Source is a part of Us. We are One and chose to experience this life in its many facets. This is what makes life, the physical experience so tangible, and so delicious. We love to use our senses to experience this life. With each touch, smell, taste, items we behold with our vision, and tune in with our hearing, we build trust with self. The trust we build becomes innate, automatic knowing. We learn over time what a sound or object is, this is from someone teaching us, trusting self, and having to experience to learn to trust self. There are many tools and resources to confirm what we experience in the physical world. But when all we experience becomes non-physical, this is when trust can waiver.

When there is an aspect we don’t fully understand, we become very cautious. When this feeling of cautiousness arises, we come to a state of learning, learning what we of what we don’t fully understand. But some of us retreat to place of fear or the familiar when we encounter something we don’t fully understand. Why? It can be from a previous experience where we took a chance, and something didn’t go as expected. But this is the time to trust self, to listen to your inner self to understand what is transpiring.

Our innate being, our Soul has been here many times before and can navigate through choices and obstacles. We are Beings with great light and already know what we need to know. What we know or think we know can guide us in two directions. One direction can be in complete trust in self, knowing what is being done feels right. The second direction can feel like self-assuredness, but when we think we know what is transpiring, there are other outcomes leading to disappointment. Pause in action to listen to take the aligned action. We rely on what we were taught and learned, rather than going within to feel what we already know. How is what we’re taught serving us? It is serving us for daily life and understand the functions of the world we live in. Even then, our light guides us to the tangible life experiences, making the physical life so delicious.

Dear Ones, life is meant to be fun, enjoyable, and loving, in both non-physical and physical experiences. This we already know, yet claim it’s difficult to obtain. This experience we don’t have to obtain, as in “take it”. It is rightfully ours. As we come to a place to release any authority over another, we lose the desire to take anything and gain living in harmony with another. By living in harmony, we don’t claim power or authority, we allow our Soul to be expressed in the experience we most desire. Living from a place of desire, of joy, of fun, our birthright comes to us, it is revealed in our actions, thoughts, and words. We know what we know Dear Ones.

Now is the time to seek the guru in Self. Our words, thoughts, and actions lead to how we feel and process what we discover about Self and our connection to all life, the energy that is. You are all you need, and we are here to help you, to guide you in the understanding you so desire of your Soul, and where you come from. Being with One as One. Yes, times outside assistance are a necessity to guide and jumpstart the inward journey, but ultimately the Light in you is all you need.

Today have appreciation for the path to seek the wisdom we all have within.

Today have appreciation the Divine connection to all existence seeing the Light in You.

Today have appreciation for the understanding now gain on the journey to Oneness.


The Sage

Lacking sense of clarity

Feeling of unease

Feeling out place

Feeling uncomfortable


Choosing the path closest to heart

Having a journey of multiple paths with one ending

A journey of remembering self

Making choices reveling unspoken truth


Taking the appearance of unknowing the unassuming

A chameleon who blends in pretends to be invisible

Unnoticed by awakened eyes


Awakend by light

Seeing beyond the physical

Piercing the veil with my vision

Seeing what’s inside

A reflection cast



Knowing no more than thee

In the center are we

Living in the now we see

Showing infinity