Infinite 8

Hillis_Pugh_Infinite_8Sitting in a place where all is still. Allowing all light to enter in the soul, offering guidance. Wisdom is given and received openly, with love. Our connection is light. Our understanding is of one accord. We are everlasting, we are harmonious, we are infinite.


Infinite 8


A level where all is open

A divine energy spoken and chosen to revel purpose coupled with passion


A harmonious level of communication with heavenly bodies guided with unspoken words


Achieving balance with an aged soul of wisdom

Free with understanding and grace

Being lifted to once unfathomable inner peace and oneness


Unbound by man’s rule

To see all infinite connections

Sharing a gift to awaken like minds to infect those curious


A lasting impression crossing all time tenses

Piercing space with fierce energy like an arrow of wisdom


A never ending flow of energy

Constantly changing operating on a high frequency of love

Waiting for us to rise and meet it


A never ending flow of energy

Wrapping around us

Sustaining us

Allowing us to pass though to the next level


A never ending gift of life transforming self to new self

Inside the light where life is beautiful