Identity Increments

Hillis_Pugh_Identity_IncrementsAs physical beings, we are always planning and reflecting. And times we get so lost in the here and there, we forget about the now. The future can change because of the present or circumstances beyond our control, resulting in us compensating for the change.  What we know is there will always be change. We tend to tie our identity to the increments of physical time.


Identity Increments


Understanding time and energy

Both are fluid and never stopping just changing


Time broken down to seconds minutes hours days months years for simple minds to grasp the concept of energy


Not once was nor shall be evolution or regression is an unconscious choice yet made aware through life energy


Knowing the heart is knowing self an identity given from the birth of the first self the true self


Centuries passed since we were born and forgotten the identity but energy imprints helps to remember who we are


Ageless energy incrementally feeds the physical aging body both in harmony and fully accepts the transfer of endless life


Time is an illusion nothing is truly as it seems bending moving shifting


The question is raised “who am I?” the question is answered by answering simply “I am” with acceptance of flow