Heal vs. Nourish

As an energy/holistic practitioner, I hear and see the word  “heal” attached to this form of practice. Even in the traditional sense, I notice the word in that context too. Maybe because this was the only word available at the time, but those then knew they were nourishing the energy system of the body. This term, heal is embedded in our culture and overused. As one practicing the ancient art of energy work, we are not healers or gurus, We are Energy Facilitators.

When the word/term heal is used, it implies that we are broken. We are not accepting ourselves where we are, that we want to improve upon, or repair what is already there. We don’t want to own or look at our life mistakes, or physical imperfections. This stems from the lack mindset (not feeling worthy). The term heal is similar to the word repair, like some car we take to a body shop in need of repairs. Being a human, we are wanting a form of nourishment. This can come as a physical touch, attention, affection, just a small desire to be seen or validated.  

We are all wanting guidance…

The word nourish is the feeling of self-acceptance and the desire to evolve naturally in the energetic and physical space we are in. Nourishment is considered to be thought of in two ways, one for the body and two for the soul. Nourishment for the body is when the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. Nourishment for the soul is something that encourages the development of ideas, feelings, and abilities leading to the Source of all things. If you look at the two definitions, it is all about growth and you can not have one without the other. There is a synergy, a natural balance that occurs when you are being nourished. When there is proper nourishment, the energy and physical systems take care of themselves. Nourishment is an infinite cycle of giving and receiving. 

In this process of nourishing/self-care, the old thoughts, behaviors, and anything limiting you naturally fall away. You are in complete control of this process when there is nourishing you are guided from within for the direction. In the healing process, you give your power away, you look outside for all the answers, and help, it’s almost cheating on a test. I am not saying that one is better than the other, it is just a matter of choice, the path you choose. We are all wanting guidance, it is only a matter of what steps you choose first. Both energies/paths serve a purpose to uncover what is true for you at the moment to come. 

This is most important, listening, and then taking action, creating than doing. By Being (sitting in stillness) you can hear the guidance you are desiring. Allow this energy to serve your highest good to a path of well-Beingness. Be present!