Gratitude by Default

Hillis Pugh_gratitude by defaultToday have an appreciation for Gratitude by Default.

What is Gratitude by Default? This is when we give thanks without awareness, by being unconscious of what we create. We go through each day making wishes and carrying on with a routine, and some of us give a form of thanks for manifestations or the ability to see a task through. Where does this leave us as a society? Are we stuck in a place where we leave things to chance and hope it all works out? If this is your scenario, then we are in the energy of Default. This default energy allows for most any whim, idea, or suggestion to come in and we say it’s ok. But is it really ok for us to be in a space and energy of life just happening? This is an answer only you can know. I know some us don’t mind an easy complacent life, while others hunger for something more, to make a change or be the difference. How do we feel comfortable with the choices made?

The life choices we make start off by being of a default energy. We say I want a better job, a new car, more money, etc., but why do we make these loose affirmation statements?  We obviously want to improve our current situation. We don’t know how, we get lost, and look for any way out. My personal life example: I was working in a retail job, something I obtain through default because I was needed a steady flow of income. I was very grateful for the job and all the opportunity to rise through the ranks quickly. It was going on three years, but felt like six. A management position opened up, and I wanted it so bad and knew it was mine, and I was that amazing at my job. I didn’t get it, and started looking outside for other employment. A few months went by, I was hired on the spot for another job outside the company I was at. But I was left in amazement because someone recognized my talent. However, deep in my heart I didn’t want to leave, even though I put in my two-week notice. Not even a week passed and the district manager approached me, and we talked and by the time we were done I had a blank check to stay, so I did. Yes, I went after what I wanted, but it was a default manifestation of the other job I was hired for and gave thanks to, because of the recognition/validation of my self-worth I wanted the whole time.

When there is a manifestation of default energy, we are searching for something to help us feel more into our truest desires. But what is it that we really want, validation, appreciation, and love? When do we customize our default setting? After the previous experience mentioned above and even today, I am still customizing my default setting. We develop a sensation, a feeling of what we want in each experience to create a richer, fuller life. At times a situation is so out of hand, we throw our hands up, say F-it and leave it to God/Source/Universe. We feel there is nothing we can do and take the next best thing. We settle. But why do we settle? Do we settle because we don’t know what else is there to do? Do we settle because we are tired of trying? Do we settle because we think we ran out of resources? We stop and we don’t feel validated or loved. Dear ones, every choice we make opens up new choices to create, to manifest a life we desire. Just because one moment doesn’t lead to the next one, doesn’t mean our thoughts, our energy is not creating our truest desire. Each thought is bringing us closer to what we really want. Our heart tells the tale of our creations. There is power in distractions, daydreaming, and contrast. It opens us up to wanting more of our heart. Our heart is always honest with us, even when we close it down. Our heart still speaks to us.

When we are closed off we manifest by default, we are not fully aware of what it is we are creating in the world, until it shows up in our face. Then we either appreciate it or deny it. When it something of our truest heart, we fully accept it, take credit for it, and love it. When it is something we manifested by default, we shrug it off and say ok with a loveless thank you, and often say “I didn’t do that or How did that happen?” But it is the default ones to show you that you are a powerful creator. Think of it this way, when a magician is first learning magic, they amaze themselves when in the process of learning to create illusions, or make things disappear and reappear. This is what we are learning, we are learning to make the invisible, visible.

This is the basis of manifestation, making the invisible, visible. In the process of manifestation, we are always creating with another, friends, family, strangers, spouses, and Source. All is conspiring to bring forth what you have asked for. We can spend our whole life practicing to make the invisible visible, but how long will you suffer in a place where the energy of the soul is depleted and wants to leave the physical world? All we do is in partnership. We dance with life. And all we create by default is practice for our truest desires to materialize. An Abraham quote comes mind “It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button.”  We just have to believe in our ability to create on purpose. Know this dear ones, we were created on purpose and seen in Divine Gratitude, (ekaa nu ikwa).

Today have an appreciation to know you do not have to settle, you have the power to create your truest desires.
Today have an appreciation knowing that the default setting is just for practice for the truest desires.
Today have an appreciation knowing you are the most powerful creator in the world and nothing is by default.

Life Story

Going by what you are told
Being viewed by others with their eyes
Creating a life not of yours
Being judged for actions taken or not

Desire to be more than perceived
Wanting to live in a dream
A dream created by self
A vision created to live in passion

Manifestation a childhood promise
Kept close to the heart
Now shared with others
Now bigger than imagined
Created the story only as I could

The story
The life
The creation
The heart
The valor
The confidence
The person