Hillis_Pugh_GraceToday have appreciation for Grace.


What is grace? We all have an idea of what grace is. We have always been told to be graceful, to be careful, to mind our surroundings, to have ease under pressure. But what is Grace really? Is it to live in a manner where we are more aware and at ease with our life? Is it to be who we are regardless of what others may think and feel of us. Is grace simply to be who we know we are? Grace is all of these things. Grace is the silent confidence knowing we are stepping into our power and being comfortable in what we create. Grace to many feels elusive, but it offers us balance in the actions and thoughts conveyed. Grace is the hinge in the scale of our life.

To fully understand grace and how it’s conveyed in our life, we have turn back the clock and get in touch with those moments when we felt grace. Remember the moments when someone upset you, mistreated you, felt you wronged in any way. How was it handled? Did you blow up? Did you calm yourself before any action was taken or words spoken? Was there restraint shown on your behalf? What did you do to shift your energy? The grace exhibited in the situations were smooth, natural, and confident. Remember the moments when you walked into a room and everyone noticed you. Remember how you felt. Grace is a virtue. When exhibited, grace is very noticeable, pending the situation it is also unexpected. Grace provides us with the strength to handle life situations in a loving manner or to step into situations we desire or have created. This is how we step into our power, power of self.

Example: In nature, we have flowers, trees, streams, and all of the creations. They each have the power of grace. They show us by simply being is enough. We walk pass nature and noticly unnotice them. We see nature daily in our life and say, oh that’s just a tree, oh that’s just a flower, but when they begin to morph into showing off their beauty, we take more of a shining to them. Each life holds a certain majesty, contains a beauty that is undeniable. Each aspect of life captivates and holds our attention, without asking for it. There is the power of grace dear ones.

Grace is allowing yourself to be who you are already are. Simply be. We go through life looking for who we are, where we fit in. Like nature it fits in wherever it is at. The climate and vegetation may be different, but it is still nature. How do we allow ourselves to be who we already are? We first have to come into knowing self. Knowing self is the first part to allow more grace. As we travel through our life, the journey taken is unknown, though we have a plan devised by our human self. Our Higher Self, already has a plan laid out for us. It is then up to us to listen to this guide plan. And we do stray away from the plan to explore options and opportunity, and that is ok. It’s ok because this allows us to see what we no longer desire. It puts us on a path to knowing Self and what we desire, with more of a purpose and vigor. Once we are on board with creating a better relationship with self, all else will fall into place.

As we simply stand in our presence, ask yourself, “What do you see?, What do you feel?, What do you know?” As stated before dear ones, grace is simply being who already are. We just become more aware of self through conversations and visiting with Self. I know you are now asking, “How do I talk or visit with myself?” This is simply and a lot more people are doing it. We can talk and visit with self through meditation, exercise, or doing something to bring you joy. This is what the soul wants, more joy. The more joy we have, the more grace we have. Our strength comes from expanding our soul. Allowing more experiences to come in. Only you dear one can allow or disallow what you want. Only you can allow your experiences to expand, stay stagnant or to shrink. You can only stand with self to know what it is chosen. What do you choose?

Grace is coming to the conclusion of you are more that your human mind can conceive. Yet when we begin to expand our Soul, the brain is able to allow new concepts of self. Know whatever we say, we listen and times believe, because we say it. We often do believe what we say, we have no reason to lie to self, unless we want to change our story. Our story plays a role in stepping into our power. What we tell ourselves can be objective. We listen to what is said to lift our Soul. Know we are important and we do matter. Every aspect of self is a piece of a puzzle. Each piece is a word, sentence, or paragraph in the puzzle. The whole puzzle is your story, your conclusion and you have the ability to change the piece you don’t like. Remember this dear one, in the midst of chaos, step out of the world and become an observer. During this observation, you become something more, you stand in your grace because you are now aware of the surrounding energies. You are now one with the divine light in which you come.


Today have appreciation for seeing grace in the nature of your surroundings.

Today have appreciation to understand how grace emanates from your soul.

Today have appreciation knowing you can step into your grace willfully.



Simplicity in the beingSimply just being

Simply just being

Always just to be

What to be

How to be


Succeeding in the purpose now

Being present

Having total awareness of now

My soul guiding me

My soul is speaking to me


A spark to move this soul

Realizing there is more than thought

The energy transferred




Being is what it is

Being here

Being now

Being me

Just be


  1. Virginia Lieto January 23, 2015 at 9:03 am

    Interesting article, but not once do you mention the source of all grace being the Holy Spirit. Grace is “the free and underserved gift that God gives us to respond to our vocation to become His adopted children. As sanctifying grace, God shares His divine life and friendship with us in a habitual gift, a stable and supernatural disposition that enables the soul to live with God, to act by His love. As actual grace, God gives us the help to conform our lives to His will. Sacramental grace and special graces (charisms, the grace of one’s state of life) are gifts of the Holy Spirit to help us live out our Christian vocation” (Catechism of the Catholic Church pars. 1996, 2000). Therefore, all grace comes from God. It is not something we can create or sustain on our own.

    1. Hillis Pugh January 23, 2015 at 9:13 am

      Thank you Virginia for your perspective.

  2. Virginia Lieto January 23, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Your Welcome Hillis. We all come from different perspectives, and we are all at different points on our faith journeys. May we all be filled with grace to share differing opinions respectively, as you and I have done.