Free To Be Me

Hillis_Pugh_free_to_be_meThere are personal rules we abide by, some of which are in alignment with societal rules. The rules we have in place are to protect self from harm, Our soul is guiding us to live a joyous life, yet to feel safe in the choices made. The choices made are one of which can lead to any path, but we innately know where we are going. Yet choose not to take a chance because of self imposed rules. Once we bend and break the self imposed rules, we become free to live a fuller, richer, joyous, and loving life.



Free to be Me


Free to me be
Releasing all energies imprinted on this soul
No longer controlled by outside forces

The illusions created to mask the truth
Now removed
Leading to the evolution of greatness

Bonded with the true essence of immortality
The Source of all creation
Released all intimidation

A sacred oath of words
Forming a bond between two
Creating the channel of wisdom
Honor is among the trust and trusted

Falling skies speaks truth
As the moon conceals the unspoken
Only to revel with the rise of a new

The mind is unchallenged
With words to say
Without harm
To find the peace in release of fallacies

Speaking in fragments
Speaking in tongue
The only one has won

A barrier created
Through cues of misunderstood emotions
A wave of shifts to anchor feelings leading to thoughts

All there truly is
Is just me
Created a connection of what there is
Just me
Released all that isn’t me
Leaving just me

Free from the prison that held me
I am the captive and captured
I am responsible and the hold the key to my freedom
This is me living life as it should be

Free to learn
Free to live
Free to love
Free to enjoy
Free to experience
Free to confide and no longer hide
Free to be me