“I’m Sorry vs Forgive Me”.

Hillis_Pugh_forgiveToday have an appreciation for knowing the difference between “I’m Sorry and Forgive me”.


Is there truly a difference in saying “I’m sorry.” or “Forgive me.”? When we say one or the other, we are apologizing for an act we performed in hurting or wronging someone. We stop in that moment to acknowledge them, expressing our sympathy. Usually, we wait for one to accept our apology before we can move forward in our day. If one does not accept our apology, then we feel saddened or hurt, especially if the apology comes from a sincere place. Then we emotional and vibrational move to place of feeling ungrateful or unforgiven by the person, leaving us in a place of having grudge or like feelings towards them until it is resolved. It is not up to the person whom we have hurt or wronged to give us their blessing, it is up to us give a blessing to self.


How do we give self a blessing? A blessing is giving one permission to proceed with an act or feeling. When we give ourselves permission, we are saying it’s ok for us to be forgiven for those who we wronged or hurt.


Dear ones there is a vibration, an energetic shift when you say “I’m sorry.” and “Forgive me.”  Say it now for yourself. Feel the difference. The phrase “I’m sorry” feels cold, insincere, not filled with love. When say “I am sorry”, are we saying because it’s expected? Are we saying it to be polite and because this is what we were taught? Are saying it because we are fearful in hurting someone? Are we saying it because it’s a quick patch to solve an issue? Whatever the reason may be, is saying “I’m sorry.” enough to shift the energy between two souls? In some cases it maybe.


When we utter the words “Forgive me.”, you can feel the love spoken, you can feel one’s heart, and you can feel the sincerity. There is higher level of awareness when we say” Forgive me.” There is a new awareness brought to the situation. We are taking responsibility for the action, non-action, or transgression that has taken place. The desired outcome is love and peace. No matter what has transpired, if we come into full awareness to witness what just happened, then we can see the actions from all sides. We grow in respect for others and self. But most importantly, we allow for a new understanding of the Soul.


With each new level of awareness we allow, we come closer to inner peace and sharing more love.


How many of us are fully aware of what we do each and every day? It’s a lot to be aware of from the time we wake till bed time, and some of us don’t even remember half the things we accomplished during the day. We are often distracted by technology and so focused on self and the list we create for ourselves daily, our senses are lessened and become more reactionary. When we pause in our day, we can take it all in and become more aware of others, our surroundings, and self. Our awareness allows for forgiveness of others and self. And sometimes we don’t have to say “Forgive me.” when we are in the space of awareness. When we are in the space of awareness, we have the ability to avoid conflicts. Our Soul, our Higher-Self guides us in becoming aware with our senses. The senses we have helps us to become more aware of self and all self-creations, situations and allow for more peace.


Peace is the ultimate goal when expressing an apology. We desire an environment where there is love and peace, this can be both at home and on a global scale. How can this be accomplished? Dear ones, we are what we desire to be. Through the act of awareness, love, forgiveness and peace can take place.


Today have an appreciation for the vibrational frequency of forgiveness and the love if offers.

Today have an appreciation to allow heightened levels of awareness to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Today have an appreciation to express the desire of peace in all of its forms.


I Know  

I know what I’ve done

I know it is of my past

I know it is of my making

I know how it can be fixed

I am afraid of conventional ways

I am upset of how I feel

I know I lie and hide

I know I am doing my best now

I know I accept myself

I know I am perfect as I am

I know my creations

I know my path

I know my place

I know forgiveness

I know peace

I know love

I know this Soul