Feeling Good – Epic Poem

Hillis_Pugh_Feeling_GoodThis are words I have been using a lot lately, in both my blog and speech. And yes they feel good to say! Our thoughts and voice have the power to shape, create and recreate the world we pay attention too.

Have we ever stopped and wondered what we allow to feel good?

This poem ALWAYS make me feel good, Enjoy!





As the noise of the day cease

The angels whispers grow

All is reveled

What is desired our own secrets


All once hidden from hurt

Reveled through invocation and the invitation of signs shown


Putting the strings of images together from sequential life events

Trapped in the mind of self till the puzzled is solved


Being sucked in

Captivated by the mystery unraveling before our eyes

Being witness too all the shifts and turns which all is learned


Moving beyond mentally know capabilities

To push pass known limitations

Brings uncertainty

Yet fulfilling to know we are more than just a mirror


Who am I doing this for

Who am I serving

Who will be satisfied with this work

Who really matters


Evolution causes mind contusions

Allowing fusion of the spirit to enter

Directing this vessel in fulfilling of purpose


Ego bruised

Now in check


Once thought was at my best

Now know there’s plenty more to give from the source of light


I’m the unmovable object and I’m the unstoppable force

Now one with divinity of self and the Creator


Give way to the Source

Matching the might of the soul within

Carrying me beyond phathomed thoughts and impressions


Energies bleed into each other making a new

Yet separate from the tainted sources from the spirit which they came only to be purified



A journey accelerated through stillness

Awaking of boundless energies from static to kinetic

Releasing light to receive abundance


Faulting to no one

Shifting to change perception

Clarifying purpose with vision

Infiltrating the mind to enhance the essence of being


A conduit for channeling light pouring from the heavens

Naturally producing a matrix


Simply woven into the daily fabric of life


On display for all to see yet hidden in plain sight

As the light meets night

Blinded by the colors of life


Reaching a revelation of true self

Conducting a meeting of divinity with mind body and soul

A totality of essence


The noise grows now with wisdom to control what is heard

Moved to the master of self and well-being


All is taken care of


Harmony and balance

Ensues and streams to the essence daily filled with light and love


Pushed pass conditioned thoughts

Accepting the beyond as it is

Free of limits

Being bigger than once conceived

I am epic