Earth Elements

Hillis_Pugh_Earth_elementsWe are sustained by the energy in which live. Our life is the life of the Earth. Our bodies are the spawn of the Earth and our Souls are the keepers.





Earth Elements


Foundation of life water makes up the body our souls reside in this earthy realm

Takes on many forms as the tide washes in reshapes the familiar and conceals the unknown


Reborn from fire the beauty refined from being burnt to a cinder ashes lay salting nourishing the earth only to be replaced by something even more beautiful than there once was


The air I breathe the tree of life

Gentle showers a lasting calming effect

Tranquil peaceful moonlight serenity


The ground I walk sand and soil underneath my feet souls buried carried to heaven and this is where earth meets

past lives provides strength when one is broken


Since the dawn of time these earth elements have combined to refine and define this beauty that has taken for granted

All are beautiful yet deadly for He’s playing the tune reformatting the earth preparing one day the rebirth



Excerpt from my book Silver sPHere.