Divine Balance

Hillis Pugh_Divine BalanceToday have an appreciation for Divine Balance.

Divine Balance is when we feel harmony within Self, when all life is in Balance. What does balance mean? Having Divine Balance is when we are in touch with both internal (self) and external energies surrounding us. When there is balance in our lives, there is more harmony, and life is easier. Balance is when we are listening and trusting the connecting we have to Source. This connection is a streaming consciousness guiding us daily. At times, we are more aware of this connection than others. The level of awareness aids in creating the balance we seek, even crave. We can feel when our life is out of balance because we can feel some the symptoms, such as various illness, body aches, lack of interest in self or depression, and other lower vibrating signs. When the symptoms manifest physically, they are talking to our body, telling us what we need; this can be anything from eating well, to exercise, including listening to your Source to walk in your path, your truth. The question now is how do we take the steps to have the Divine Balance, we all seek?

Dear ones, the balance we all desire is up to each one of us. We now are aware of the symptoms, now how do we get back on the path? The first order is to feel good. The first step is to find what makes you feel good, what makes you happy. This is the keystone of balance. Most of us knows what makes us happy, but often lack the courage to fulfill the happiness screaming to be let out. Some of us even set conditions to be or feel happiness. Some of the conditions can be, “If I had a better job.” or “If I had more money.” Yes, these things will make anyone feel better and life a bit easier, yet if you ask for a better job, why? Do you want to feel better to live in your truth, to work in your passion? These are only a couple of questions we ask ourselves when we start on the path of happiness. Yet, the largest part of the listening to the Connection is having the courage to take the steps and questioning what we are doing now in our lives. Is what we are doing serving our true purpose?

The core of our Divine Balance is our purpose. Our purpose is designed to make us feel good. As most of us start out thinking about our purpose, we think it’s suppose this grand thing we are to do. Not all of us will have what we will consider a grand purpose. But I will tell you this Dear one, your purpose is a part of the larger design, each purpose fulfilled is important. There is no lesser role in what we fulfill. The roles we observed are to assist in inspiring others in many ways, and not necessarily in the same field of profession. The inspiration given and felt is designed to help each of you find what you desire. Each purpose fulfilled is designed to achieve the Universal Divine Balance.

Dears ones, the Divine Balance, starts with you. It starts with how you feel. It starts with inspiring others. It starts with knowing the love you have been created from. The love you have been created from lives in each of you. You are light. You are life. You are love. You are Universe. All you seek is in you. Some of us have ignored the connection we have created since our incarnation now, but now it is time to awaken to your truth. The imbalance symptoms we feel daily can be shaken off just by listening to the Connection living in us. Through the practice of quieting your mind, you can hear with ease. By being able to tune into the frequency of which we are connected to, we can dissolve the barrier we put up creating all imbalance. My purpose for the message is to let you all know we are now awakening to our greater potential. All you see and feel in our doing through the result of choices we made. Now we can undo them.

The imbalance we have created is in the process of being undone. Yet, it will take all of you, each one of you to find self-balance. Some of us have forgotten, dear ones we are a part of the Collective. We are the individual whole. We are seeds growing and working together. We are rooted in the same energy, same beliefs, and come from one Source, yet we use different words and mediums to express what we mean. Divine Balance is feeling into the energy, feeling into the energy of the words, feeling into the energy of the song, and feeling into the energy of touch. To even the scales, we have to have courage to look beyond the world with our physical eyes, and see the truth with our energy. The truth of what we see is love.

Divine Balance is acceptance of both the contrast and truth. The contrast shows us what we truly desire to be and have in our lives. At times, contrast is the ugly face of the world, double checking to see if this is what we really really want. While the truth is core representation of the individual soul. What is our truth? Whatever our personal truth is, it’s rooted in love. Someone else’s truth is their truth, from their experience, it’s what they have called to them. This is a truth only one can understand by feeling into the energy of the Soul, the Connection. The Divine Balance involves each and every one navigating the scales in which we have created by words, thoughts, voice, touch, and energy. We are all working unconsciously together towards the same goal. Now it’s time to consciously work together to achieve the balance we desire.


Today have an appreciation for owning the balance in which you create.

Today have an appreciation for accepting the truth of what you have within Self.

Today have an appreciation for the awakening take place within Self.





A lightseed being casted off into new dimensions to explore Self


New ways of evolution has begun

Drifting to the arms of midwives

For I am just a seed of Self


Lost all memory

Journeying to remember

Journeying to evolve

Journeying to connect


Barriers of life times to experience all facets

Each life experienced onto self multiplied

Bearing witness unto all life created

Sustaining each other


Consciously creating in the cycle

Living in perfect balance

Only to be disrupted by contrast

Shifting focus

Shifting intention

Sitting in peace to find the true desire


The mass oneness of creation

The free will of being

The free will of wielding thought

Asking for help

Guidance is the love asked


The steps taken to understand each life

I am connected

We are connected

I am Source having a Human experience

Balances the energy of life


Transmuting the energies

One above

One below

All equal

All the same

Knowing I don’t have to die to be back at One


New awareness streams for new logic

Unlearned the learned

Cells are Life

Life is Source

This is balance

This is Divine Order