Cycles and the Process

Be thankful this day for Cycles and the Process.

Cycles are a grand part of our spiritual evolution. We repeat cycles constantly and consistently through sleep and routines. Our cycle offers us opportunities of rejuvenation and evolution. With each cycle progression, we can choose to stay stagnant or evolve. If we choose to stay stagnate, we feel comfortable in the space we create to live in, but does it serve our higher purpose?  If we choose to evolve, we are moving with the life current and this path is different for everyone, yet it offers the same result, growth and connection to God and all humanity. The question is how do we recognize our cycles to influence evolution of self and others?

We experience cycles daily, whether we are aware of them or not. For example, we experience lunar cycles, solar cycles, astrological cycles, yearly cycles, and human cycles (physical and hormonal changes). Each cycle brings forth a change. If we become aware of these cycles, we can set new intentions for self-evolution. Once we can learn to evolve self, we can teach others how to master it.

Each cycle has a new and different energy imprinted on it. We recently experienced the beginning of a new calendar year bringing with it, new hopes and dreams for humanity, but even more important we experienced an end of a 26,000 year cycle. The new 26,000 year cycle brought us to the center of the Milkyway galaxy, bringing with new energies of 5th dimension. This new energy will allow humanity to experience oneness and become more open to receive new light resulting in more sensitivity and compassion towards one another. I am aware of the recent events flooding the airwaves of the shootings, yet this only serves as a reminder for humanity to set new loving intentions for self. The result of the events did lead to more compassion and a reminder; we have to put an end to what no longer serves us as a whole.

Each cycle serves a purpose, yet we can control the outcome by setting our intentions. In order to set the desired intentions we have to sit in stillness to know what the true purpose is. What is the purpose of my soul, what is the purpose of the message being sent, what is the purpose of event happening, what is this cycle teaching me, what can I teach self, what can I share with others…?

Each question is a representation of process. The process is another form of a cycle. It is not until the process/cycle is over we reflect and gain appreciation for it. The process/cycle is fast, it’s slow, it’s whatever you desire it to be, yet at the same moment is has to recognized, its calls, begs for recognition. Why do we wait to show appreciation for it, to celebrate it?

Each cycle serves its purpose, whether it’s to show our opposite so we can experience what don’t what or if it’s in alignment to show us who we really are and what we truly desire. Each process is a mirror reflecting back at the Creator. We are the Creators of the process and Maters of light. All we experience is because we choose too. We reflect our experience upon one another to analyze them only to be modified for the next cycle. In order to Be Who We Are, We Have To Be Who We Are Not.

The process is of trial and error as our brain can process the information of the events in the cycle. However on a subconscious level, on a soul level, we are fully aware of what is taking place. This is at times why we feel an adrenaline high during a process/cycle in alignment with our purpose. Once we have it all figured out, we can choose to stay in a state of bliss or move on to the next cycle to eventually achieve personal enlightenment, or living lively.

The purpose of the process and cycle is for Us to remember who we are and share them remembrance with others. With each step taken in the process, we grow a greater appreciation for the reflection of choices made to be Who We Really Are. Who Are We… We Are One Soul experiencing life on many levels in many forms.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the cycles surrounding Us daily to remind Us Who We Are.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the reflection received to know the path taken is the one chosen.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the love given and received during cycle to spark evolution of self with Self.



I’ve been here before
One time
Another place
An illusion created to remember

Overcome with grief to release the former
Lost in confusion
What to release as I move to a new dimension

3 to 5
A new light
A new Life
Assimilated as the old fell away

Fully present in the ever happening now
Flashing to conceived light
Remembering the choice made to be here
Remembering actions taken to remember

Risen to light of oneness
Risen to being of Self with You
Being whole
Being United
Being Us
We have risen