Creation – Excerpt from Awaken With Gratitude

Hillis Pugh_CreationBe thankful for gift of creation


Creation surrounds us daily. With creation comes a story or history. We all have our own personal history allowing us to know more about ourselves to grow and have the opportunity to change who we are or became. Each one of us has a story, yet we let the story of our life define us and yes at times, defining moments change us.


We are not our story; our story is us and should define it. We give our story life, meaning and purpose, which are us. Our story only lives if we give it life through understanding and defining who we truly are. The question I pose to you all is; “What are we living for?” Be who you know you already are. If you don’t know who you are, then ask yourself this question in stillness; “Who am I?” We are the creators’ of our lives’ with abundant options to manifest purpose and desire by faith living whole with all life.


Be thankful in this day and everyday that you have a life, a story that helped shape your persona to share with others.

Be thankful in this day and everyday that your personal history is not your story, but you are life.

Be thankful this day and everyday for the story of the creation of your being.


Foundation of life

Dreams we conceive

Many things we desire to be from children’s notions

Buried in us

A must

A desire to be happy I speak what I see what surrounds me my youth astounds me

The heart and soul the root of what is true

Faith the gateway to prosperity the love that is understood that is gives the gift of life and the joy the laughter that sustains


The classroom where the teachers rules

Where the fundamentals are taught

Where time is brought

Pay attention my classroom is the world where it is free and it’s ok to make mistakes

Get it together

Learn from what was done watch and be raised the right way in His care


Skin marked

Pride hurts

Bruises fade away

Wombs heal and nothing remains

Tame and in control of what surrounds you speak what is true sweetly spare a heart for one day you maybe spared

Karma the harmony effect what you give is what you get time when you least expect peace within the tune of life that transcends all

Life foundation lay before the next generation

The pioneers that lie dear to our

Souls reap what you sew and the story is told