Conscious Choice

IMG_0014Be thankful this day for Conscious Choice.
The conscious choice is being in complete awareness of the choices already made, predetermined. When we come to a place of decision our soul has made the choice leading to the next level of unlocking or remembering who we are. However, when we arrive at place of indecision our soul has made the choice guiding us to be awakened, but we fail to see the logic or understanding of the choice already made. At times choices are really choices; they are merely spotlights on the path of remembering. These spotlights or choices are signals letting us know we are on the path we chose at our incarnation to remember who we really are. Who are really, One with All.
Now the question becomes, how do we become aware of the choices already made to fully awaken to the Oneness of self?
We exist to experience the Divinity and Oneness of all creation and replication of Self, God. To know who we really are, we chose to replicate Self in as many ways as possible to see the beauty of Self. I know it may sound vain, however conceit comes human ego, the human experience. To know God, we have to be God, yet in the same moment, we have to know God as something more than Us. We have to experience who we are not to be know who we are. The choice made to replicate Self was to reflect back upon self to see the beauty, divinity and perfection of the all existence. Since we chose to forget who we are, we view our life in human form separate from God, yet our true desire is to be one with God and all existence.
Our choices made are perfect; yes our choices made are perfect. The reason why we are unable to see the perfection in our choices is because our lack of belief or faith in them. If we simply follow our intuition and release all doubt, we then can clearly see the perfect in the choice, thus becoming more aware with decision already made. When we are facing multiple choices, doubts sets in and seek validation of the right choice to be made. Yet all we have to do is seek inner peace, resulting in guidance to know the right choice. However our chosen amnesia serves us to experience life to the fullest. I personally understand how it feels to be afraid in a situation not knowing what to do.
Example: Recently my job situation was not the best for me, I was seeking another, yet grateful what I had chosen to do. In a span of two weeks went through three interviews with the one company. The day of my second interview, I was recommended for a third (which I was not expecting). I got hired on the spot. A week later I started my new job and it was not what I expected it to be. I was able to go back to my previous employer with a promotion and a raise.
During this process of choices, I was in the present moment. I didn’t allow myself to think I just reacted to what my desire was. I finally understood in order for me to receive the choices I truly desired, I had Be in alignment with Divine Consciousness.
The Divine Consciousness is when are awakened to knowing who we are becoming in alignment with the predetermined choices. The predetermined choice is a choice made before we entered into this world. However we can choose not to follow the predetermined choices through the act of free will. Free will is the soul living in the enjoyment of the human experience. The human experience is a tangible one. Yet every choice is a perfect choice, even the acts of free will. The human experience, is full of illusions and is meant to enjoyed, but not to a point where the soul gets lost and truly forgets self. If or when it does get to a point where the soul does forget self and desires to remember who we are, we have to power within to reach out to the Divine Consciousness to be re-awakened.
Our awakening is a process and is meant to be enjoyed. While in the human experience we tend to focus on the end result and not the process. The true joy comes from the process. I can say I am guilty of focusing on the end result. Personally the end result is what drives me and maybe many of you. How do we stop or slow down to enjoy the process? We don’t slow down, we have to stay with the pace of all the present changes occurring now in this world and the key is to stay present or pre-sent (present), meaning all is happening now and being pre-sent to us as we manifest our true desires, our choices.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know the predetermined choices to remember who we really are.
Be thankful this day and everyday to feel and see the perfection in all replication of God’s existence, Oneness.
Be thankful this day and everyday to know the Divine Consciousness through remembrance and enjoyment of the cycling process.
A present moment of elation
Releasing tension
An entity of multiple dimensions
Reflection upon the magnificence of self with Self
In awe of what I’m capable of doing
Seeing pass the illusions created for enjoyment
Living in the process of now
Making the vow to be whole once again
Unified through a connection of purpose and enlightenment
A Being of Being satisfying self with a choice of awareness
Having a complete Knowing of me
Accepting the poorness to remember me
Being more than conceived
Being what I believe