Hillis_Pugh_competitionToday have appreciation for Competition.

Competition is the contrast to enlightenment, without it how would truly know what enlightenment is. There must be contrast in all things, each must have its opposite for us to gravitate to our truest desires. The competition we witness is one of allowing the soul to sore to higher connections with self. This level of desire connection begins at the physical level, once we have pushed passed the physical limits, we transcend self to a new level of awareness. Some would call it being in the “Zone”. This is the level of awareness where we see all that is in that moment. The question now become how do we allow such levels of awareness to be present all the time?

On a personal level, I understand why there is competition. When I was younger, I was very competitive and always wanted to win at everything I did. This was my personal level of expectation. I was well rounded athlete, I ran track, cross-country, wrestled, played volleyball, and even tried to play basketball but I was too short. It was my drive to always be the best and then there was nothing greater than winning. Winning felt amazing. When the sensation wore off, it was time to prepare for the next challenge. I always had a ritual before any race or match to prepare myself mentally. Sometimes, the best prepared doesn’t always win. I know I didn’t, but it just made me hungrier to win the next.With all the events  I won and the coaches motivating me, I realized I had to motivate myself. It’s not until we are fully engaged with self to know our true purpose and enlightenment.When we are once with self, we being to enjoy what we are doing more and become more aware of self.

Competition exists to help one another to push them to awakening to be more self aware. When we engage the physical body, then it heightens and bridges the mind allowing a feeling of knowing. When we are in the “zone”, we are in a state of oneness with self. In this state we KNOW how fast or strong we are. We push pass the limited capabilities of the physical body. A quote from one of my favorite movies “Don’t think you are, know you are.” – Matrix. Even today I am more and a Thinker than Knower, my Gemini mind.

If you are like me and you are more of a thinker, meditation is a key to come into your knowing. I am still in practice after years of understanding this concept. At time we revert back to previous lessons to understand them, to see if we missed something, but we didn’t. That is the Thinker analyzing the probabilities. We slowly step into the role of Knowing when was allo joy to flow into what we do and who we are. To know is to be aware, awareness of self.

To be more aware of self, we step into building a relationship with self, even if it means letting go of once thought beliefs. Just like fine tuned veteran athletes, they had guidance from their coaches to push them and let go of thoughts less than self. We too have guidance. We have our angels, guardians, guides and most of all self. It’s about building a rapport with them and trusting self completely. Once we build this relationship, we step into a new world of confidence and love of self. No need to look outside, when all we desire is inside.

Today have appreciation for pushing pass physical limits.

Today have appreciation of new levels of awareness.

Today have appreciation for knowing and trusting self.




A mark of omission

A mark of correction

A mark of being missed

A mark of being absence

Leaving a mark to be remembered