Christmas Love

Hillis_Pugh_christmas_loveChristmas is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly for the egg nog and peppermint bark. Why I love Christmas the most is how humanity opens up their heart and gives of themselves. All the random acts of giving, bearing witness too and participating. Giving is why we are here.

In my adult years, friends and family have always asked me what I wanted for Christmas, because I found out I’m picky and difficult to shop for, (laughing). And there have been friends and family who told me what they wanted for Christmas, but I knew them well enough to get them what they would love, and sometimes I would ask.

In my 20’s I had a pretty good idea and made suggestions of what I wanted for Christmas. As I got closer to my 30’s and in them, I appreciated the novelty of my youth of surprises. I still love surprises. And remembering the simpler days as a child making cards or little gifts for mom, with construction paper, glitter, and glue. Those were the days I loved the most.

Take time in this season to create it with love. Whether if it’s a call, a visit, or time alone, know it’s filled and shared with love.

Having Christmas

A moment caught of peace

A peace paused from life hustle and bustle

Energy flowing to all wishes

Manifested by Santa



We are the gifts aspired desired

Sharing gifts

Sharing the love of each other

What matters most is of your choosing


Having a list of who’s naughty and nice

Paying a price

Meeting expectations

Surpassing morals for a seasonal cause

Is the you all year long


What is it we choose

What is it we value

Moods change

Values swayed

Hearts jingle


Giving from a place of love

Knowing what is needed

Angels guiding moments of inspiration

Taking action to fill hearts


One day to feel special

A year to notice the love

A moment to know the truth

Time to celebrate a Master of Love

Celebrate the Master in each of you


A day no longer needed

Always have your heart be noticed

Celebrate always the love expressed

We are Christmas all year long


Allow grace to fill the heart

May you feel the gift of love ever present

Glowing peace is silent moving the soul

Divinity is our gift from God to one another