Child’s Wonder

Today have an appreciation for a Child’s Wonder.

A child’s wonder is a beautiful thing to witness. It is viewing the world with new eyes, a child’s eyes. When a new Spirit enters into the physical world, there is a great curiosity to understand it. A child is navigated by the parent to understand the do’s and don’ts. This is to allow for the child to test the limits of an unlimited mindset. When a new Spirit enters into the world, we have to remember where they come from. They come from a place where there are abundant freedoms and unlimited power. As children grow into parents, we forget this, through conditioning, varying experiences, and trauma. Sometimes we reflect our fears onto the Children we chose to have a relationship with. Instead of reflecting, we should observe. 

It is the love of curiosity, finding our way, our path to fuel the Spirit. A young Spirit reminds us of this.

When we reflect our behaviors and habits on to a child, we inadvertently create a “mini-me”. The Spirit/child is new to this physical environment and is dependent on the parent to navigate their experience. But what is their experience? There is no true way to understand what experience they wish to have, but we know we can keep them safe from physical hurt. The emotional experience of new Spirit is one of trauma when being born. Just imagine coming from a place of only joy, love, and no physical body, then coming into a place where all you once knew was gone, having no memory of it and having to learn of a new environment all over again.  We can guide them, shelter them for so long before they start developing their own personality and allow for their own experiences. Yet no matter how old they get we still wish to treat them as children, and not the Spirits they’ve become. 

As adults, we always have a wish to revert to a childlike state so we won’t face or forget the trials of adulthood. There is a level of freedom we wish to go back too. We allow ourselves to live a life and be responsible for what we create. Yet this feeling of wanting to carefree stems from the observing and desire of a young Spirit. They seem to have it all figured out, yet as they/we get acclimated to living in a physical environment/Earth, we forget the carefree ways until we follow our passions. 

Our passions link us to being carefree. It is the love of curiosity, finding our way, our path to fuel the Spirit. A young Spirit reminds us of this. Watching a new Spirit take their first steps or trying new foods is joy because this is new to them, a new experience. They are determined to walk and understand this new environment they chose to be birthed into. You do have to remember that you both Child and Parent chose to be partners in this experience. The partnership created is one of equality, though we forget this because it is what our parents showed us. Yes we are the parent, yes there are rules, and yes this is a relationship. Once the dynamic is understood, we can live the wonderment with the child into adulthood. 

The wonderment/curiosity has to nurtured for this fire to keep burning. When the life perspective is viewed as a child, things become much simpler and not viewed with complications or consequences. Yet, there are consequences, but the Child’s mind sees pass that to sees the solution. The life conditioning affects the process of thought and being to only see things the way we are. Our mind can only see what it is allowed to. The wonderment is the innocence and beauty, turned into curiosity satisfied. Their joy is our joy, their love is our love.

Today have an appreciation for knowing the wonderment of a new Spirit.Today have an appreciation to live in the passion fueling the Soul.Today have an appreciation for sharing the unified joy.

A lightspeed being cast off into new dimensions to explore self

New ways of evolution have begun

Drifting to the arms of midwives

For I am just a seed of Self


Lost all memory of Self

Journeying to remember

Journeying to evolveJourneying to connect
Barries of lifetimes to experience all facets

Each life experienced unto self-multiplied

Sustaining each other
Consciously creating in the cycle Living in perfect balance

Only to be disrupted by contrast

Shifting the focusShifting the intention

Sitting in peace to find the true desire
The mass Oneness of creation The free will of being

The free will of wielding thought

Asking for helpGuidance is Love asked
The steps taken to understand each life

I am connected

We are connected

I am Source having a Human experience

Balance the energies of life
Transmuting the energies

One aboveOne below

All equalAll the same

Knowing I don’t have to die to be back
New awarness streams for new logic

Unlearned the learned

Cells create life

Life is Source

This is Balance

This is Divine Order