Celebrating A Decade of Gratitude

Understanding the emotions felt with experiences of gratitude opened me up to share the messages…

This ten year journey of gratitude has taught me many  perspectives of this beautiful energy we allow, once recognized in the daily life. This journey, like many  started out with the feeling of being lost and experiencing multiple life changing events. The moments in-between moments, the ones where we take pause and pulse of life to understand the direction we chose, were the ones that awakened this soul.

This awaked me to begin a daily gratitude practice and to share the thought and observations I made daily. One of the practices was my shower meditation, where I gave thanks for what I have and will create; a practice I still use till this day. Understanding the emotions felt with experiences of gratitude opened me up to share the messages, feeling that I am not alone in feeling this way, and if I were how can I shape people’s thoughts around this topic.

In the years of writing and educating others about gratitude, I began to understand that this was the foundation for many spiritual practices. When time is taken to express thanks for what you have, the Universe opens up to delivers more of the like. This was the beginning of the understanding of the Law of Attraction, which stems from the Law of Vibration, the  third and last immutable Universal Laws.

I had been witness and a co-creator of this law in action, both consciously and unconsciously. Being an unconscious co-creator allows for life to just happen with taking very little responsibly, while being a conscious creator, you step into claiming your power to create the life as you wish. With this new understanding of the marriage of gratitude/appreciation and Law of Attraction, I wanted to teach others how to be their best advocate, their co-creator.

I began teaching about the marriage of these to Energies. The base is gratitude, then gratitude evolves to appreciation. Appreciation is a better feeling though.  Right now while reading this, I ask of you to speak aloud,  “Gratitude”, pause, notice how you feel. Now speak “Appreciation”, now notice how you feel. Feel the difference? Having and expressing appreciation for all things is on the same level as the Law of Vibration (Law of Attraction). Yet though all the teaching and personal experiences felt and witnessed, there was still something missing. How else can I tap into this Grand Energy, this gift I feel. In the course of learning about the Law of Attraction, I learned to be a psychic medium and reiki  practitioner.

With a greater understanding of the flow of energy by learning about it, I thought how can I be of greater service to others. By being of service to others brought me great joy and helped me to bear witness to the evolution of this soul. Knowing there is growth, yet clinging on to the past, what do I do? How can I take this step forward to live the greater life I am asking for? These questions have helped me presently to have the courage to let go of  traumas and situations no longer of value to me, and be of better service as a teacher and practitioner. I am looking forward to the coming years in this practice.

Hillis Pugh
Celebrating a decade of Gratitude