Bridge Of Light

bridge of light Be thankful this day for the Bridge of Light.
The Bridge of Light is a place we come to when we are ready for a great transformation in our life. Whether we are consciously aware of a great change desired, universally or individually, the bridge is a rite of passage. When we walk this path of change and become aware of it, we are offered assistance to better understand what we are undergoing and needing to release to complete the transformation. For some the transition will be seamless and unnoticed by the individual, yet for others it may be rough and may offer some resistance if the individual is not ready, but will notice the change. We will all cross the Bridge of Light at some point in our life. The question now becomes, how do get there and cross it? Dear ones, we are already at the Bridge of Light. We are at a time of great change of self and of the collective universe. Now how do we cross this now great chasm of change falling upon us now? We all have different views, ways, and thoughts in how we should cross this bridge, but no matter what or how you think; we all start with one step, one step at a time. Some of us will run, others will walk, and will crawl across. As we make this pivotal crossing, we are shedding old aspects of our self no longer needed or desired in the new reality shaping, the reality we are creating. We are creating this new reality dear ones, because we are frustrated, tired, and even upset in how our life has shaped. With this crossing, we are taken ownership of our life, creating it to fit our true life purpose. We are awaking to remember who we are, and what we are to do. What we are is universal energy, parts of God, what we are to do is help one another remember who the other person is. By just being our self, we are Being just who we are.Dear ones, I understand the high level of frustration during this time of transformation, because this is a time of newness where all is changing, shifting, only because you deemed it so. Change can be difficult to accept when you have been in set in one way for a prolonged period. The adjustment can be a shock to the soul, yet oh so welcoming. I know we all have obligations and feel there is not enough time to do what you came here to do, to experience, to revel in, but I am here to tell you there is. There is enough energy to support you, to love you, to embrace you. All we ask of you is take the first step, live and live to love, be courageous, be confidant, let go and take the inspired action to fulfill the promise to your Self. You are Divine, and Divinely support in your thoughts manifested into action.

What is to come next, only you know dear ones what is to come next. Your life is as you make it as you cross over into the Newness, Oneness and Isness You create. You understand what is placed before you, in your vision, as you reach out to accept the Creations of the Creator, You. I can say once you reach the other side of the Bridge of Light, it is a waking freedom familiar to You. The journey on this bridge is the most important and gratifying, yet won’t be understood until completely across. I ask of you to be present to enjoy this journey, as it is what You have asked for. As you make the journey, questions will arise, Am I worthy, Am I selfish, Am I really living this life, and many more. I am here to tell you dear ones, you are worthy of living the life you desire to live, it’s ok to be selfish, because you have to take care of you and the more you have the more you are able to give to others, and this is the life you are living, because you chose it. All the questions filling your thoughts all have loving answers dear ones.

Dear ones it’s ok, it’s ok to feel what you are feeling, just know and understand you are safe and loved. You are more than your brain perceives, eyes envision and your hands touch. You are a magnificent being of Light awaking to greatness We are creating!

Be thankful this day and everyday for the Bridge of Light constructed by you, all of humanity.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the universal change we are experiencing daily by One Collective Mind.
Be thankful this day and everyday for the journey experienced during the crossing over to the Newness created.


Lying down only to stand
Standing still only to move
Being of constant light
Emanating freely

Like a match ran across flint
A spark of life born
A collision of two halves with the understanding of purpose

Like the light house signaling when it’s safe
A beacon of light shining brightly
It’s ok

Standing on one side desiring to reach the other
To reach the freedom the purpose lived
Yet living in fear from falling in the chasm deeper than the eyes can see

Frozen in stillness
Wanting to turn away to return to a place of safety
It is really safe or is it simply familiar

Bearing a cross of indecision
motivated by fear
Inspired by action

Looking at Self within self
What do you do
A choice already made
Desiring to understand the why
Is it mine
Do I own the decision
Did I make it before

All is ok
All is as it should be
I am now
I am here
I am moving forward
I am choosing to stay
To stay as I am
Light ever lasting