Awareness Meditation – Poem: A Silent World


Living in a world containing approximately seven billion people, there are moments where silence is rare, but treasured greatly. Wherever we find peace externally, it does begin internally.

Living in a metropolitan, external peace can be challenging. Personally, I have learned to be aware of my surrounds, even with limited distractions; i.e. headphones and cellphones. Yes, we want to limit the external world and stay introverted, be comfortable in our own world with gadgets, such as noise cancelling headphone and the like. But how aware are we?

Just moving to a new city, my awareness is critical in learning of my new surroundings. As before I moved, I was on auto-pilot. I knew where I was going, the fastest way to get there, all while being in my bubble, and not having full awareness.

Yes we are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional beings, capable of doing what we desire, when desired. This is possible when awareness is full and mastered.  What do we desire to create? Do we all desire the same goal, objective, and intention? There are multiply ways in succeeded to the desired intentions.

Awareness Meditation:

Pick a time when you are most busy. Set forth the intention to come to full awareness of what you doing, any movement, any thought. Slow your mind down, and drift to what catches your attention. You will become present with yourself.  As you do this come to a new level of awareness.  With practice, you awareness will grow.  It is so.

With the practice, we can become one, and create together. When we come into self-awareness, we will become more aware of each other. Once this level of collective awareness has risen and is currently on the rise, there will be demonstrations of more love and co-creation. We will at will manifest, materialize what we desire out of thin air, with love.

Feel the deep love we have for you and one another.


A Silent World

A non stop society looking out for the one and only self

Bleeding for survival


A world filled with constant craving of power without trust leaving an entrapment

Self centered motivations without a way out


Create calamity through a network of disbeliefs saving of self sacrifice

What is humanity

Hesitant to respond to a question to resolve all false solutions


Whispers of ideas manifest suggestions change who’s to blame

Construction and destruction of a master piece weaved before thee


Standing at the peak in silent observation

Deep meditation

Shutting out all the noise all the confusion realizing we all are connected


Thoughts drift

Turn to words

Turn to vision

Turns to knowledge

Turns to reality

Bringing me back

Sought what brought me to a place of having quiet confidence


Accepting a might roar reaching out to touch like minds to change the masses that passes by


Turning into a frequency only I can hear through silence as my eyes glaze over reaching a state of flow a harmony of the universal gift given going super nova so all can take notice


Are you ready

You made me

Only through silence can come change



A life worth living not the one you made but given


My silence

My joy

My sacrifice

My connection

My responsibility

My love

My humanity

My life is all life