Ascension Remembering

Samuel Farrand-Artist
Samuel Farrand-Artist

Today have an appreciation for Ascension Remembering.

What is Ascension Remembering? Ascension Remembering is another way of saying Deja Vu. Deja Vu is essentially having small life moments where we are remembering parts of the life selection process. The life selection process is when our Higher Self views various life options for lessons to be learned to view options from each incarnation path, before incarnation. When we incarnate, we experience the projection witnessed in the life selection process, Deja Vu. Ascension Remembering is knowing the path we chose and all is happening for the purpose of awakening. Awakening our Higher Soul, coming into the alignment of the whole Entity. The whole entity is a combination of the soul, physical body, and the cells in us. The cells in us, our DNA carries information from previous life experiences, the current one and the ones before. Us having access to the total information of each life makes up the Ascension Remembering.

Dear ones, we are coming to a place where we will have access to such knowledge. The knowledge of this life and past ones. Had you ever had a dream that felt so real, that was from another time? I am pretty sure the answer is yes. And when we wake, we are in a state of disbelief. Even some of us can recount the dream experience to this day, even if it happened years ago. This dream is a combination of us having access and allowing our cells and DNA to tell the stories of when we lived and the Akashic Records opening up to show us the lives in which we desire to know about.

Life Example: I have always been a fascinated with Katana and Samurai swords, and didn’t understand why. I have asked this question of myself for some time until one day I have had a dream where I was Samurai. This dream was vivid and knew and felt I was there. I can recall I was lone Samurai warrior on the battlefield facing an entire army. There was a tower behind me, so I retreated into the tower and enemy ninja was in the tower waiting for me. I unsheathed my sword vanquishing the ninja as I ran up the stairs to the top of the tower. I am one landing away from the top and the stairs collapsed. I leapt to the next landing and lost my sword in the process. I was surrounding, and noticed a window opening, and jumped out the window. As I was jumping out the window, I breathed fire to vanquish all the ninjas. Then I woke up. But the most interesting thing about the dream was when I woke up, I felt as if I really did breathe fire. 

If we feel we have an unexplainable connection to something, then ask the question, “Why do I feel a connection to this?” When we are ready we will receive the answer whether if it’s a dream, a book, or a person coming into your life to give you clarity.

As you can see or feel dear ones, this is part of the process. Our level of awareness is key to the remembering we all desire. Each of us knows there is more than this life now. We know there is a connection to the existence before this one. Understand there is a plan you have created with other Entities. The unfolding of this plan may take a lifetime or a few. Each life is the process of learning to improve Self with Self. With the interaction of Self, we can have glimpses of life beyond the veil. To receive, to see what we feel and know, we have to come into a new awareness of the connection. The connection to each Entity, living and non-living. The connection we have to each other can extend past many lifetimes. However, the current life is the one we are most concerned with because it is present, it is happening right now.

Why are we so concerned with our life now? Yet on the same level, we desire to figure out who we are, and who we were. It’s like problem solving, putting a puzzle together. “If I know who I was, I can know who I am.” Yes, this is true, once we know who we were, we can have a better understanding of who we are now. The mystery of unravelling who we were can take a lifetime depending how many lives you lived. (laugh) When you focus on the present life, you will gather information about you who are and were. The knowledge of past lives will come naturally when the focus is on your happiness. Each life we live has a purpose and we discover the connections along the way, the ones that matter now.

When we have our attention on what matters, the remembering is a natural process, with spiritual practices. Our remembering takes place when our Soul is ready to connect to cords we have attached to in this life. We will come to a place where there will no longer be glimpses but imprints in the mind. This is why communication with our cells and DNA is important, they carry the information we seek. It’s already in us. This is why we with the proper guidance we can ease into remembering who we really are. A question long asked. “Who are we really?” I am personally finding it easier to answer, “I AM One.” The path we chose in this life like all the rest before is to become One. The remembering is a part of the becoming One. We remembering the connections and bonds made. It is life a mother birthing a child during gestation. The two Entities are One. They share a symbiotic relationship. They are sharing the same experience, eating the same food, and so on. They truly are One, both physically and energetically. Even though most of the children won’t remember the experience in the womb, the mother will be the One (cell) recounting the experience later when the child is ready. Any desired experience only happens when we are ready.

Once we are ready, we can receive all the information we desire, even at will. Dear ones, it is up to you now to choose the path you remember, the path you have created, and those who you chose to help you now. This is all your doing, your will now. Your remembering will assist you in unlocking information you never thought before possible. Those of you who read this, know you are ready. We have come so far and now our Souls are connected to share the wisdom of this life and the ones before. Aho!


Today have an appreciation for the communication you have with your cells and DNA.

Today have an appreciation for the process of remembering who you really are.

Today have an appreciation for knowing all things are possible when you commit to opening yourself up.


Out of Focus


Staring off into the distance

Seeking the existence of what was lost

a focal point

A little dot far off into nothing


All else is a blur

All around me makes no sense

All around me is in motion or Am I moving too fast

Can’t recognize images

Don’t notice anyone or thing

All I see is color blended


Changing the point of view

Just another dot is all the eyes behold

Change my thought

Can this dot be me

Eyes shift

Can this blur light be me

Out of rhythm

Out of sync


Is the focus upon me

A witness of Self to Self

If I can only see me

Moving at lights’ pace to catch up with the point

The focus of the journey

The progress of the focus


Widening the view

Allowing for greater focus

Having greater vision

Coming into focus