Art of Allowing

Hillis_Pugh_art_of_allowingToday have appreciation for the Art of Allowing.

When we think of allowing, we think of giving someone or something permission to perform a tasks or say something. Whoever thought allowing would be an art form? Usually, when we allow something to happen, it is because we understand what it is or have the courage not to be phased by it. When we allow it is from a place of full knowing and being firmly in control. We allow by default, through trust. Now when fear creeps in to our space, do we easily allow whatever to happen, happen? Do we feel in control when we allow from fear? Do we allow more of a trust to come into the situation to lead to a trusting outcome? The question now becomes, how can we allow through intentions and not by a trusting default?

I will share a recent personal experience. Recently on working vacation, I visited Hawaii. I, along with my partner and friend went to go diving into the ocean. Mind you I barely can swim. I knew what my physical limits were, but chose to go on this personal adventure. We arrive to the diving point, not a terribly deep part. My partner and friend jump off and I wanted to try. Mind you I also have a fear of heights. I make my way to the diving board, a wooden plank securely fastened to the rock face. By this time am a little nervous, as I am thinking “I am about to jump into the ocean, I will have a soft fall in the water, I have to try, jump out away, from the rocks.” All this thoughts running in my head, and I just jump! I jump in feet first, missed the rocks. Yay! Then fear set in. I can’t feel the bottom and I try to tread water. I panic and start going under. In this moment, I forgot the little bit I know. I allowed fear in this moment. My partner saw me and got me to safety. “I am thinking wait, what just happened. I am alive” Needless to say I didn’t jump after that, but what happened next was amazing. We went to the shallower end and snorkeled. I saw some of the most beautiful fish! Nature aquarium. I allowed myself to experience the full range of emotions of allowing that day.

We can be the most self assured, courageous person in the world, yet when it comes to a phobia, we limit our experience. Our fears become greater than the moment happening. What arises in an opportunity to set an intention to allow what we want to experience? More fear or more limitless feeling. Even when fear arises, we are still in control, when it appears we are not. Our control is limited to how we are feeling. The more fear we have, the more constricted we are. Do we desire to have a more exhilarating experience or one we chose to be shut down?

Each day, moment, and experience carries its own energy. It is what we allow to feel to make the difference. If we sent an intention to allow more of what we want in to our life, then it will be so. The Art of Allowing, is like or subordinate to The Law of Attraction. Each is set by an intention. The said intention is sent out into the Universe and returned back with the desire chosen. The desire chosen, maybe exactly what you wanted, or close to what you expected, or deliveries you to what you asked for. In any of those cases, what showed up was the manifestation of the intention, you allowed in or attracted. Whether if it’s a fear based thought or one filled with love, wanted or unwanted, the Universe will deliver it.

We have to monitor our thoughts because of The Law of Attraction. The law is a work or art and of awareness. If we are unaware or what we are thinking or feeling, then we are attracting and allowing by default. Meaning we will settle for what comes in our existence. If we are aware of our thoughts and feelings, then what we desire will show up, exactly how we pictured it. Know we all have to power, desire, and courage to manifest a better life thought the energy of love.

When we manifest from fear, what we allow, what shows up has limited potential. Yet, we still marvel at what we have create with pure positive energy. Just imagine what could happen when we manifest from a place of love. All the energy we can muster can bring fourth exactly what we desire and when. I tell you Dear Ones, there is no desire in any of you to live in a place of fear. It is you cutting yourself off from the best experience you can possible have NOW. We have lived in a place of unknowing and selected conditioning for so long, we settle for what comes or feels this is as good as it will get. I tell you there is so much more beauty if only you allow it. I ask you to free from limits you. As you break free, as you wake up, as you remember who you are, what you are, your purpose, so much more will become open to you. Then you will wonder why you limited yourself to live in the manner in which you did. Open Pandora’s Box and never close it again.


Allow all things from a place of love. Love is what urges you forward, to move in allowing and attracting your purpose, your truest desires. Allowing the Universe to guide you in ways which make you uncomfortable. Allow trust to be your guide, though it is unsettling, uneasy, or unknowing, trust is feeling the heart always know. Allowing is simply knowing who and what to trust with love. When is all comes to down to it, All it is, is Love.


Today have appreciation for knowing we are more than the fear created.

Today have appreciation to live in the moment to set clear intentions of said desires.

Today have appreciation to know each opportunity presented is filled with Love.




A light of connection

A light beaming through all existence

A light of wielding force


Commune with me

Guide me to a place where I know self

Speaking in vibrations

In tune with me


Committed to knowing more of this soul

Breaching the veil

Removing the barrier

Crossing over


Projecting self upon self

Translucent being dressed in light

Delighted to see you here

Delighted to know your presence



Crossed examined

Being bathed in light and wonderment

Peace in this place

Love in the place