Hillis_Pugh_agreementsBe thankful this day for Agreements.

When we usually think of agreements, we think of a promise we made to others, a contract, a handshake, or offering a word of trust. An agreement is all of the previously mentioned, however we forget we made these agreements long before our incarnation on the planet. The agreements made are with the ones we call our Soul Mates. Our Soul Mates are not always the ones we will spend the rest our life with. They are the ones we made a pact with, family, close friends, and sometimes divine strangers. The agreements made with them are to help us remember who we really are. We are Souls having a physical experience. While having a human experience, we get caught up in the physical matter of what is and what if’s and creating more agreements. We also get caught up in our Earthly Role, we tend forget about our Spiritual Agreement and create new Earthly ones. With any agreement made, we have to feel good. Feeling good is the key to living the life created in fulfilling any agreement. The question now is, how do we know we are fulfilling pre-sent agreements?

The agreements made are partnerships with the Source and other Souls. They all made an agreement to assist you, this entity now, in remembering who you are and where you come from. In the same process of agreements made, you chose to do the same for them. Each agreement and remembering is different for each Soul. These are contracts designed to allow us to experience the fullness of our purist wanting. The truest desire is only known to you upon the path chosen, but the short answer is love. The human experience/role gets in the way of knowing what our truth is. Our Earthly Role is the one played in conjunction with the Soul relationship. We become distracted by the many sensations manifested in the human body and confuse the sensations with our bliss. The bliss felt means we are in alignment with who we are and fulfilling our purpose without interaction with our Earthly Role. What is our bliss? It is a state of being, where all energy felt, given, and received is in perfect alignment with who we are with Source. Know, feel our Source energy and Source energy is us having a One Experience. Even as I am writing this, I feel bliss because it is my purpose, it is what I chose to do.

We have also made agreements with our self. These self agreements are the most important ones, because it is what we choose to do while in the life selection process. We choose to experience what we experience because it will not only aides us in remembering who we are, but allow us to graduate to the next level to of awakening. When we self awaken, it has a more of an impact to remember Self and Source. Know Source is us and Self is Source.

What we choose to do and be, puts us closer knowing who we are. Yes this too also includes our Earthly Role. Our role on Earth, is in conjunction with or Source-Self. It is not the role we choose to be for self, it is the role we choose to be for another bringing bliss. Yet, once we had fulfilled the obligation, some of us choose to stay in the role because it defines purpose for us, even though it no longer serves us. How do we redefine the role played for so long, providing fulfilment? We search inside, releasing resistance and listen to Self. The answer often chosen is the softness. In the process of choosing a new role, we sometimes choose to perform tasks, jobs, and fulfill obligations not to our liking, but it shows us what we don’t want and who we are not, only to provide us with the vision of who we really are. Yes, this may cause some unsettling sensations, but if we learn how to accept what we are doing and just allow who we are to come through, then we can know who we are thorough actions and reactions. The choosing made was pre-chosen to allow a level of contrast so our Soul can remember who we are. The sensation felt from the contrast can be one reaction to who we are while taking the action of allowing to choose the second role or phase in our life.

Once a contract has been fulfilled, we can choose what we desire to do next. This phase is usually self discovery, becoming closer to Self. Once we become free of any distractions, our senses become more acute and clarity sets in. We slowly tune in the vibration all around us. All objects, people, and places vibrate with energy frequencies. These energy frequencies vibrate at varying rates. The slower the vibration, the more solid it is, we can see with our naked eye. The faster the vibration, the less solid it is, we can see flashes of energy or nothing at all. We rely on our intuition to feel the energy not visible to the naked eye. When there is an opportunity, experience, object, person, or relationship meant for us, we intuitively know it. Due to our human experience/ Earthly Role, we begin to second guess ourselves. We says things like, “Am I meant to do this?”, “What’s happening?”, “Am I to have this?” and so on. When we throw this kind of energy into what we really want, we push even farther away. It is only important for us to feel good. If we don’t feel good, then we have to change our thoughts and feelings about what is transpiring. Some of us become still and others take action to be bring awareness to what is transpiring around us.

What is transpiring can be any number of things invoking sensations of awareness. This can happen in the midst of chaos bringing stillness or simply happen in stillness. The awareness coming through is “what life am I currently living?” Resulting in us reviewing the relationships we have and their meaning. Once we get out of our head, step out of our Earthly Role, we see the value of the relationship and begin to understand the agreement made with the Soul(s) involved. However, there can be a dominate or more awakened soul in the relationship seeing, knowing, feeling the connection of the agreement made, releasing any attachment to the Earthly Role once fulfilled. Once an agreement has been fulfilled, we feel joy, bliss, and love because we know we have completed our contract, we have done our part in helping someone else remember who they really are. When a soul has remembered who they really are, nothing else seems to really matter, except staying in a place to receive more knowledge of who they are. This can be through teaching, being an example, or by sharing.

When the agreement has been fulfilled, we have the choice to take on other agreements. This is a point of physical existence when we feel more “alive”. We feel more alive because we know our true Self. The agreements can be more on a grand scale. It is like staring a second life, after a midlife crises. The agreements taken on after we fulfilled other ones have to be in alignment with who we are, allowing the same love presently felt to continue on in other life experiences. As we become still throughout life experiences, we become more present with the pre-sent. Resulting in us feeling good all the time about our choice to fulfill all agreements.


Today and everyday have appreciation for knowing our purpose in fulfilling our Spiritual Agreements in Earthly Roles.

Today and everyday have appreciation for releasing Earthly Roles once an agreement has been fulfilled.

Today and everyday have appreciation for allowing love to flow into every agreement made.


The Summoning

Words express all desires
Living in panic of what to do next
Traveling to ascension
Making the choice to choose

The words to bring forth desires
Words sing
Words breathe
Words create life to visions of predetermined desires
We all know what we want
We all have access to the same thingMoving in one fluid vibration
Celebrating what was summoned
A sensation felt and remembered times over life expandedSearching finite infinite wisdom to recreate and expand to awaken more
Stillness affects the process
Here you are before thee brilliant light sharedA thought is creation
A word is a whisper
A vision is confirmation
Called into experience
An extension of Source

I call upon you
I call forth the Divine Self the Divine Source to awaken this soul’s full potential
I grant you permission to assist and guide me
Thank You for hearing the call of the soul