A Fragment of Love

There has always been a great debate about who or what God is. God is Male, God is Female,  God is both Male and Female, God is It, God is pure positive energy, God is this and that.

After contemplating the idea of God, this Divine Omnipotent label, the Creator of all there IS, my unscientific, but the spiritual conclusion is that God is Love.  

We know the phrase that “God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end” and that God has a great love for us, by these means,  wouldn’t it understand to be God is Love, Unconditional Love. God loved us so much that He sacrificed his only Son. Yet, we are all apart of this Great Energy. Pieces of God lives in us.  All things begin and end in love. As physical beings, we are manifested in the act of love, passion, joy, all levels of love. Then we move into the energy extremes of love to understand the simple yet complex energy. Sometimes we even manipulate this energy for personal gain/use to feel good and others not so good. In this space, we lose our purpose and passion to create, our power. Our power is Love. Don’t abuse this power.

Religion has taught us, through fear that God lives in the Heavens and the only way to get there is to obey the Commandments,  the Law/will of God.  My experience with religion has shown me that the outside force energy we look to as God only exists if we have faith and believe in this and if we don’t we are sinners and Atheists. We are disciples of this teaching often rewritten to suit the times, often misinterpreted, but founded in Love with many paths to get there. Now is the time for us to step and tap into the original meaning, the intention of these teachings. The Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“God Is Love.”

The spiritual journey, life itself is the path to understand this God Source. What is the Source? Where does Source reside? What is God? Who is God? How can I believe in something that is unseen, only felt? These are only a few questions that I asked myself on the Life Journey.  Upon reflection, Love has always been there underneath it all. All the fear, hatred,  anger, death, loss, confusion,  pain, resentment,  uncertainty,  trauma, abuse, suffering,  hope bitterness,  tears, underneath it all, at the root of it, was love, unexpressed love. Love is consciousness, Love is aware of the energy given and received. When Love is expressed, more love comes, and when it is withheld or suppressed, it lessens our connection to this infinite/eternal Energy.

Love is an energy that creates all things no matter how small the energy of love, we still create, times knowingly and other times unknowingly. We are Creators first! We create with love because we are Love and come from Love. Love is the thread in all Life. Our intuition and instincts are guided by love. Though may not be expressed at times, it exists. The energy of love is an abundant source, the one Source of energy that never runs out. If we intend to create with love then our life-sustaining resources will be plentiful because of love. Love is the beginning and end of all things. Love is a powerful transmuter and teacher.

Look inside and feel your love, the love for others, the love of others, the love from God, Source, Creator energy. Love/God find ways of self-interaction, us. Each one of us is created in/with love on some level.  And the best way to understand this Great, Grand Energy is to interact with it, play with it, have fun with it. We find ways of enjoyment, but we also get so caught up on our path we forgot about love, and Love shows up to remind us who we are, a fragment, a piece of love. 

Knowing that I am, we are a piece of Love/God there is no longer a desire to look elsewhere. We are Love/God Energy in physical form. This is an invitation for you Dear Soul, this Fragment of Love to look within self to feel the Light of Love you carry to share with others, to Spark the Love in them. Be the light of love.

In the beginning and ending of all things is Love. All the stuff in-between is the experience of love on different levels and without those experiences, we wouldn’t know what Love is.  We are God/Love.

Essence of Love

Bestowing the essence

The energy love upon thee

This circumstance

This situation has already been resolved

The eye have been widened to see

To witness such feats

The eternal dance

The natural order of being more than perceived

Being conceived from the Source

The energy of love

Proceed with all knowing

Unlocking what’s inside

The Divine light shines ever so brightly

Casting no shadows

Blinded by such stillness

Yet moving fluidly in all eyes beheld

What actions speak to move entrapped souls

Selfless deeds stream to open a closed heart

A key to resonate with thee

Drawing deep from a place within to see this is how it should be

A natural progress of life altering events catering to soul’s purpose

Being filled with love

Wielding the energy of love

With Divine purpose and natural life flow

I am

We are