Lemurian Light Energy Attunement


  • This Lemurian Light Energy Attunement is a 6-8 month (could be less if we worked together) comment and process and is designed to clear, all trauma, shame, pain, guilt, and anger, to clear all lower vibrating energies, and attune you to the vibration of Sirian-Lemurian. As a student of this energy, you’ll learn the following
    • The Sirian and Lemurian Connection
    • Understanding your emotions through one on one healing sessions
    • Connecting to your Soul’s Power
    • Connection to the 7 Planes of Ascension
    • Connection to the 7 Planes of Existence
    • Understanding the 7 Seals
    • Understing the Light Spectrum
    • Understanding and Clearing the Merdian and Charaka system and their connection
    • Learn to utilize all energy around you in your environment
    • Learn to speak Light Language
    • Become attuned to the Lemurian Light Energy

Payment can be set up on a reoccurring monthly billing cycle for 8 months, charging, $375 via PayPal.

Zelle and Venmo are also ok for Payment options.


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