Hillis_Pugh_contrastBe thankful this day for Contrast.

Contrast is experiencing both what you want and what you don’t want. To feel and know this contrast, we experience our truest desire or a facsimile of it first, followed by the opposite. This occurs to be sure to self this is what we want, our truest desire. However, as a culture, we have placed so much emphasis on what we don’t want that millions of us get stuck there, being focused on what we don’t want. For example, we says things like “I don’t want to get sick.” This takes me back to the one of my first spiritual lessons. The universe only hears, the positive intentions and words, example, “I want to be a millionaire.” The universe hears that and will grant your wish, but of course it will take bit more effort for the wish to come true. Then when we say “I don’t want to be sick“. The universe hears, “I do want to be sick.” Then we become intuned with the vibration and ultimately become sick. The question now becomes, how do we allow our truest desire to come forth, without struggle?


The quick answer is, there is no struggle, and there is only what we allow. We allow our soul to experience contrast to have assurance we are doing what we are meant to do, or simply be. Our being is what makes the difference of the contrasting experience. Once we come to peace with what was chosen to experience, the light of who we are comes to surface.

We create the illusion of a struggle from a place of fear and doubt, while in the contrasting experience of what we want. While in the place, some individuals come to accept this experience from a place of fear, saying “this is as good as it will get”, while in the same eternal moment, pondering the thought “I had everything I wanted”. This form of processing thoughts creates conflicting realities. Which reality do you want to live in? If we choose the fear based thought, the role of victimhood settles in. The power once had is now gone, yet we have the power to change what we “don’t” like. From the time we are born into this physical world, we are live in one eternal moment, the NOW.

This NOW allows us to be time travels in a since of our life, to use our energy, our higher self to go back and fix something we didn’t like. I am in the process of learning this. How this is accomplished is through meditation and setting an intention to envision a moment where is was unsatisfactory to create a new image, imprint, memory, outcome to what you desire. However the key to creating a memory is setting the intention with emotion. All things are done in love. Once we are open to living our changed life, the eternal moment becomes more fluid. The contingency of our fluidity is accepting what is with the willingness to change the pattern of what we don’t want.

Once we are able to see what we don’t want, we have a choice, do stay stuck in what we don’t want, or do we change our vibration to what we do want? All actions taken are by choice, we can choose to stay in the thought or vibration, “this is good as it will get” or struggle in the weary energy of “I don’t want that”. Once we change our thought pattern to know everything we truly want is in our reach by simply changing them and adding the love emotion, all is possible and all is probable.

By experiencing contrast, we create balance through acceptance. By knowing what we don’t want, we focus our energy on what we want. When our focus shift, we become more aware of our thoughts and when a “don’t want” thought arises we are more nimble to change to a “do want” feeling and thought.

Every “do want” feeling and thought creates love, joy, happiness, excitement and all the like emotions to bring you more of what you want. All we are, all we desire is to have love, to feel love. Remember, we are Energy Beings first having a Human Experience. Our Source Self desires for us to have the same physical experience as non-physical one, LOVE.


Be thankful this day and everyday to experience the contrast of daily life to know what is desired.

Be thankful this day and everyday to know the feeling of contrast to shift thoughts and alignment feeling.

Be thankful this day and everyday having balance from contrast creating love for self and knowing what you want.



The Observer

What do I want

My desire

What do I see


Inside my mind’s eye

Visions of color

Visions of grandeur


My experience is to experience the heart

Knowing what it wants

Seduced by tangible sensations

Becoming lost in physical self

The dense energy of me split in two

Who do I choose


Feeling lost in the contrast

I know what I want

I know the experience is mine

Feeling the weight of which way

The density of what I don’t want dragging the soul

I am my own anchor


The depths of density is allowing me to look up

Seeing the clarity of what I want

Asking for what I want in stillness

My call is heard and guides serve to aide me

I know what I don’t want

Now an observer of self

Having a contrasting experience creates balance

Acknowledge the path chosen to bridge the wholeness of self


A being of reflection releasing control of reflective behaviors

Repelling other intruding thoughts and ideas no longer of service

We are one having an individual experience sharing insight co-creating a universe of light


Love is here

Love we share

Love is eternal

I am a reflection of me

I am a reflection of we

We are connected

We are observers of self

I see you